Below some proposal about activities in the Camp or nearby.

Rome – St. Peter

The location of the Camp is very useful to visit the Eternal City. It s noticeable the proximity to St. Peter Basilica, easily accessible in 20 minutes from the near train station “La Storta-Formello” (line FL3)


Many trails to trek, among them the “Isola Farnese” trail, which is accessible even by walking from the Camp, will conduct you to discover the Etruscan town of Veio. Many other initiatives are available at the Veio Park


From the near train station “La Storta-Formello” (line FL3) you can reach the town of Bracciano and its Lake, where you can play swimming or boating. Particularly in summer time you can have water games, refreshing yourselves from the summer heat.


La Storta site is the last stop of the path, so the village has always been a resting place for pilgrims traveling to Rome. Thence we suggest to let guides and scouts to experience the pilgrimage, walking the last stage of the Via Francigena, up to St. Peters’ doors. Leaving in the evening and arriving at dawn would be a unique experience!